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How to choose the right size and material for your Flag

Some flags are used for outdoor display, others for memorial purposes, and still others for indoor display. Where you live and how often you fly your Flag are also important.   Depending on its use a flag can be made out of nylon, cotton, polycotton, polyester, or two-ply spun polyester. FLAG SIZING GUIDELINES    For Residential flagpoles up to and including 20', a 3'x5' flag is appropriate.  Choose a 4'x6' flag if the pole is 25 feet or taller .  Public display for Government buildings, offices, hospitals and more, is a little different. See the matrix below. 20' Pole - 4'x6' Flag 50' Pole - 8x12'-10x15' Flag 25' Pole - 5'x8' Flag 60'-65' Pole - 10'x15'-10'x19' Flag 30'-35' Pole - 6'x10' Flag ...

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